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      Want to change the way you look at our classic Flat Pedal Cable? Then worry not, as TourGear Designs is proud to announce the launch of our latest product, the TRS version of the Flat Pedal Cable!

      Now, you may ask yourself: what the hell does TRS stand for? Totally Rocking Signal? Touring Rock Stars? Close enough, but no.  We DO want you to have an excellent signal in your chain, but that’s not what TRS is for.

      TRS actually stands for Tip-Ring-Sleeve.

      The TRS or Tip-Ring-Sleeve uses 3 contact points: The Tip for audio, the Sleeve for ground, and an additional contact called the Ring. With the TRS cables, you can connect from a mono balanced line input or output and connect a stereo output to a stereo input. TRS cables are balanced, which means you can run longer lengths and not worry about noise.

      Yes, we here at TourGear Designs will leave no pedal behind. With our unique Flat Pedal TRS Cable design, all of your stereo pedals will be able to join the party, too, and share some of that actual valuable state on your board!

      Available in Single, 3-Pack of standard C-Shape, and our unique S-Shape