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Scott McClellan

Scott McClellan

Scott McClellan has been a key player in many successful bands and writing projects including: Cemetery Gatez America's Number One Pantera Tribute Band, along with Devil Land, Army of Souls, Brotherhood of Spine, Brain Chiggers, Outlind, His solo project Dreamography, and more. Scott has also had the honor of working with front man Tony Martin Formerly of Black Sabbath on his solo Album which is an up and coming release.

Scott has co written music with several legendary musicians including: Tony Martin of Black Sabbath, David Shankle of Manowar, Devil Land & DSG, Shawn Jaxx of Skin Kandy, Army of Souls, Rick Henderson & Nate Arrington with Brotherhood of Spine, Paul Anthony of Brain Chiggers, Systemec, David Fefolt with Angels of Babylon, London Legrand with Brides of Destruction and many more.

Scott been playing since the age of 9 and continued to define his playing in many different styles of hard rock and metal. Scott McClellan is a producer, song writer, Guitar player and Bass player.

Two new albums are now in production with: Brian Troch (Cyclone Temple) and Tony Martin (Black Sabbath)



Born in 2008, Ruxandra is a promising young guitar player from Toronto, Canada. At only 4 years old Ruxandra displayed her affinity for heavy metal music while her mother played it in the car. She started playing guitar when she was in grade 1 and her talent didn’t go unnoticed by her parents and teachers. Later on Ruxandra’s passion truly blossomed when she discovered Eddie Van Halen’s unique style and great music. Learning to play his music helped improve her technique and create her own sound.

Ruxandra would like to one day play in her own band, write her own music and is also interested in collaborations with other artists and bands.

Justin Boehm

Justin Boehm

Justin Boehm, born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is a former member of Orchidectomy (Brutal Death Metal) and Eyeswithoutaface (Metal/Industrial). Currently he plays bass guitar in Gutvoid (Death Metal) and utilizes an ABY pedal in Acid Shower (Grind) to fill the spot of both bass and guitar, (as well as some back up, pitch shifted vocals.) While no releases have dropped yet, he has also dabbled in some home recordings and one-man acts.

“It might look like the pedal board is a bit over the top, but these flat pedal cables allow me to keep everything that I need together, and in an order where I can just plug in and play, regardless of which band I’m playing with”

Daniel Bonofiglio

Daniel Bonofiglio - Guitar Pedal Board Kit Artist

With over 20 years of touring, writing, and recording experience, Toronto based musician Daniel Bonofiglio knows good gear when he sees it. That is the reason why he has decided to exclusively use TourGear Designs Flat Pedal Cables. Whether playing in his death metal band Gutvoid (Blood Harvest Records) or his other side projects like Fumes, Grotesque Mass or his latest Intestinal Hex, Daniel relies on high quality reliable gear and that is what TourGear Designs offers

“By using TourGear Designs Flat Pedal Cables, I can easily and quickly setup my board in any number of configurations! I don’t have to worry about the cables breaking or trying to twist them. I can’t Recommend them enough.”

Benevolent Like Quietus

Benevolent Like Quietus - Bass Pedalboard Artist | TourGear Designs

Benevolent Like Quietus lyrically exploits the joy in sorrow and strife within life, love and death. Hailing from the cold, dark, winter nights of Calgary, AB, Canada; Benevolent Like Quietus brings forth a bounty of dark, brooding, goth rock influenced melodic metal.

Morgan Rider

Morgan Rider - Guitar Pedalboard Cable Artist

Born in 1989 and raised on the east end of Toronto, singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Morgan Rider had his earliest imaginations of life as a musician during childhood.

The imagery of the traveling troubadour and some of the older, rootsy styles of music always fascinated Morgan, however. As he began to start a family in Ontario, it was then he also began to further explore his interests in roots music by recording and experimenting in his home studio. Between the summers of 2017 and 2020, Morgan wrote, recorded, and released 5 studio albums, including 4 with his band ‘Deep Dark River’, his recent solo album ‘Folklore’, his latest single ‘Northern Soul’, along with a score of music videos.

Morgan Rider has performed well over a thousand concerts and international festivals around the world, averaging over 150 a year. He has also earned numerous awards and has had his music licensed for various media formats – most recently an online ad campaign for Lexus Luxury Car Co.