• High-Quality Flat Angled Plugs
  • Ultimate Space-Saving Compact Design
  • Easy Grip Edge Super Flat Angled Plugs 
  • 0.25" / 6.3 mm Audio TS Connection Jacks
  • Flexible Copper Conductor (20 x 0.12 mm / 26 AWG)
  • Twisted Copper Shielding (38 x 0.12 mm / 26 AWG)
  • Conduct Electricity PVC
  • Premium Quality PVC Cable Mantle
  • Operating Temperature -15º C to +70° C / 5° F to 158° F
  • Black Colour
  • Length 23" / 58.42 cm
  • The Best Patch Cables for your Pedalboard

    Flat Pedal Cables 99.9% Pure Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) for both conductors and its 95% twisted shield. Holds a capacitance of 120pF per meter that is in the sweet spot range for instrument cables. Its small outer diameter of 3.6mm makes it extremely flexible and ideal for pedalboards and racks.


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    Based on 30 reviews
    Fantastic !

    Super space saving & transparent tone !
    I’m in touring bands that require me having a west coast rig & east coast /midwest rig.
    Tour Gear patch cables cleaned up both my boards & because of the flat plug design, gave me more space !
    Great job guys !!!

    Mark Chatfield
    Grand Funk Railroad
    Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band
    The Godz

    Eric Siu
    Hits on all the key features.

    No problem with noise, apparently well sheilded. A flat cable, plug orientation and many length choices makes the wiring of pedals doable in both large and cluttered layouts. Both my Boss looper and noise reduction units have several jacks right next to each other. The small right angle plugs allows for all jacks to be used without interference with the switch action or power plugs. Going to order more.

    John Whittle
    Flat Cables

    Flat Cables do save some space on pedalboards. However, The ends are "molded" and not soldered which is a weakness.

    Aqeel Phillips

    23" Flat Pedal Cable


    Awesome product, sturdy and perfect for connecting the two floors of my pedalboard, no "tone suck". Fast and secure shipping with a nice message inside the box, instant love with this shop, thanks guys ! I am so glad I finally found some great S shaped patch cables that I am going to order some more (and I live in France so you can imagine how good they are !) !

    Modern Design for the Modern Musician

    No more struggles of wondering if it is the right fit.
    Our circular design is the designed to be the same size as majority of washers on pedal in/outputs.
    Giving the best fit in any configuration.