• High-Quality Flat Angled Plugs
  • Ultimate Space-Saving Compact Design
  • Easy Grip Edge Super Flat Angled Plugs 
  • 0.25" / 6.3 mm Audio TS Connection Jacks
  • Flexible Copper Conductor (20 x 0.12 mm / 26 AWG)
  • Twisted Copper Shielding (38 x 0.12 mm / 26 AWG)
  • Conduct Electricity PVC
  • Premium Quality PVC Cable Mantle
  • Operating Temperature -15º C to +70° C / 5° F to 158° F
  • Black Colour
  • Length 23" / 58.42 cm
  • The Best Patch Cables for your Pedalboard

    Flat Pedal Cables 99.9% Pure Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) for both conductors and its 95% twisted shield. Holds a capacitance of 120pF per meter that is in the sweet spot range for instrument cables. Its small outer diameter of 3.6mm makes it extremely flexible and ideal for pedalboards and racks.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Jeff Hochhalter
    Great cables, long enough?

    Love the cables but need longer options, 36”, 48” at least. Custom orders would be nice.


    Really happy with both their customer service, and the cables.

    Martin Small
    Not Just For Pedalboards!

    For several year, I have been using a Line 6 G70 on my pedalboard. I didn’t like the 1/4”-1/4” that comes with the transmitters. My previous solution was custom made solderless patch cables. I liked the low profile plugs and custom lengths I could make not to mention that I could leave those cables attached to their guitar straps. After many years of constant use, those solderless cables began to fail and a better option was required. Thanks to a poster on the Wampler Tone Group, I was led here to TourGear Designs! I recently upgraded to the 23” Flat Pedal Cable. These cables are built like a tank with even smaller flat plugs. These plugs are also smooth so they don’t snag on my clothing or other equipment, which reduces the stress on both the plug and output jack. The flat cable stays tight to my guitar strap reducing snagging and are very robust. I will be getting more of these 23” Flat Pedal Cables!

    Jeff Turner
    TourGear Designs cables are amazing!

    I've been using these patch cable for over a year, and they have preformed flawlessly. The signal is great and they are rugged. I tour and do session work and have never had a noise problem. They staff has been amazing and really care about there product and customers. In my experience and opinion, the are the most useful, consistent and quality cables that I've ever used!

    Alejandro Antunez
    23" Flat Pedal Cable

    Great cable, slim to keep your pedalboard's wiring clean, but strong enough. The small size connector definitely gives you great options when trying to fit multiple cabled on the same side of the pedal

    Modern Design for the Modern Musician

    No more struggles of wondering if it is the right fit.
    Our circular design is the designed to be the same size as majority of washers on pedal in/outputs.
    Giving the best fit in any configuration.