TourGear Designs Inc. guarantees all it’s cable assemblies will be free from defects in components and manufacturing for its lifetime by the original purchaser. The warranty excludes products that have been misused, mistreated or modified from their original form. If a problem arises for any reason, TourGear Designs will replace the cable for free.


All our products are listed in CAD (Canadian Dollars) as we're a Canadian based Company. This means that our prices may LOOK higher, but in reality the most common currencies have at least a 30% exchange rate in your favour!

At the moment we do not.

Shipping is automatically generated depending on the size/weight of the shipping box used for your purchase. We try to offer you the cheapest shipping with tracking option. The shipping prices do not include your local import and/or duties.

The configurations of the patch cable tips relates to the direction they are facing and the manner in which they can be plugged into a pedal.

The S-Shape configuration is best suited when you are going from a side-mount jack to a top-mount jack or vice versa.

The C-Shape configuration is the standard shape you've seen numerous times best suited for when you are going from a side-mount jack to another side-mount jack.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of the S-Shape Cable you can read our blog here.

We have a 14-day money back guarantee. If you don't like it, send it back; you just pay the shipping. All our cables offers a 2 year warranty for manufacturer defects for all of our cable products. If at any time your cable loses sound, send it back and we will replace the cable.

Warranties do not transfer and are only valid to the original purchaser. The original receipt is needed at the time of the warranty service. Customers pay shipping fees. Please do not attempt to repair the cable yourself. Tampering with the cable VOIDS the warranty. If it appears that someone attempted to repair or tamper with the cable, we hold full desecration to deny the lifetime warranty.

Our cables are measured from tip to tip.

Please note that we do NOT have a bricks and mortar location. This is an online store and we do not offer pickup/curbside pickup as a service. Local delivery within the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) is possible.