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      10" Flat Pedal Cable

      Sleek design

      So far, I really like them. Makes the pedal board that much tighter, letting you fit that much more on. Recommended.


      Great product! I no longer have pedalboard issues

      These are trifecta cables

      This is why these cables are trifecta level: (1) top tier quality — I have generally used (and am steadily replacing with tour gear designs cables) mogami cables that sit right below or above the capacitance of these, and there is really no difference — both excellent cables, but unlike the competition, the tour gear designs are (2) way affordable (again, without any loss in quality), and (3) the “ultimate space saving compact design” is really no joke; tour gear designs has made routing the stereo pedals at the end of my board super easy. I don’t think the product description says this either, but these cables are relatively lightweight compared to others, which can be very helpful in some situations where you don’t want the cable pulling on a pedal. So, to recap, the trifecta is this: (1) quality, (2) value, and (3) design. In any case, I’m happy I found these, and I am never going back to any other patch cable.

      Flat Pedal Cables

      Dig the new cables! I use a mid sized Pedaltrain 2 board and as a result of switching to these flat cables I am able to add one pedal that previously was about to be mounted underneath the board. My only wish is that there was a choice of colours, at least on the ends - easier to trace if there’s a problem or simply switching out pedals. Small issue but I could see this being discouraging on a larger board setup. That said I really like the new cables. Everything arrived quickly and exactly as I ordered. I would happily order these again. Especially like that there’s a variety of sizes to choose from as well.